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Internment Of Japanese-Americans

Posted by Larry Ferlazzo on January 20, 2009


Read this short summary of what happened to Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Watch this video and do the three activities under “Explore.”

Click on some of the names on the left side of this webpage and then click “Listen To Clip.”  These are Japanese-Americans who were sent to camps.

Watch this slideshow about what happened to Japanese-Americans.

Look at these pictures from one of the camps.


Read more about Japanese-American internment camps.

Read more on this website.

Read even more here.


One of the major reasons Japanese Americans were put into camps was because other Americans were afraid that they might help Japan in the war against the United States. In other words, it was an example of people doing bad things to other people because of fear.

Have you ever done something bad to someone else because you were afraid (Start a fight? Say something nasty to someone?)? Has a person you know ever done something bad to someone else because they were afraid? What happened?

Has someone ever done something bad to you or your family because you think they were afraid of you?

Write your answers on your website.

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