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Starting A New Life In America

Posted by Larry Ferlazzo on December 7, 2008


Watch this overview of American Immigration.

Watch and listen to this feature on Ellis Island.  Be sure to click on the bottom right so you can see the words that are being spoken.

Watch this video of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island.

Watch this video on Immigrants.

Read more about immigration here.

Learn about the Statue of Liberty.

Here’s some more information on the Statue of Liberty.

Watch this movie of the Statue of Liberty filmed by Thomas Edison.

Read about immigration and answer the questions.

Look through the Immigration Explorer. Find three interesting facts and write them in your blog. You’ll be asked to share them with a partner, and to show them to your partner on the map.


Read about immigration here.

Take a tour of Ellis Island.

Watch this video on Ellis Island.

Read about The Growth In Immigration.


First, use this Venn Diagram to write about the similarities and differences between your immigration experience and that of the immigrants you’ve learned about in this unit. Print it out.  You can just write it on a piece of paper if you don’t want to use the online form.

Second, use this Compare/Contrast Map to plan your essay. Be sure to click on “Similarities to Differences.” Print-out your outline.

Third, write your essay on your website. These words might help you.

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