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Posted by Larry Ferlazzo on November 8, 2008


Watch this movie and take the quizzes.

Watch this movie about Slavery and take the quizzes.

Watch this movie about The Underground Railroad and take the quizzes.

Watch this movie on Harriet Tubman and take the quizzes.

Learn more about Harriet Tubman.

Read and listen to more about the Underground Railroad.

Read “Africans In America.”

Watch this video on The Nation Splits Apart.

Watch The North/South Divide. Be sure to click on the lower left hand corner so you can see the words as they are spoken.


Pretend to be an escaped slave.

Here’s another site where you pretend to be an escaped slave.

Take this test on slavery.

Complete this cloze.

Complete this Harriet Tubman Internet Scavenger Hunt.


Read about Nat Turner’s Revolt and take a quiz.

Then answer this question on your website:

If you were a slave, would you have stayed a slave, tried to escape, or revolted like Nat Turner? Why?

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