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Christopher Columbus

Posted by Larry Ferlazzo on August 29, 2008


Watch these movies on Christopher Columbus:

Columbus Day. Take the test, too.

Christopher Columbus’ Big Surprise

Famous People (Click on Christopher Columbus)

Watch this short movie showing Columbus sighting land:

Write on your Posterous site how you felt when you first entered the United States.  If you were too young to remember, please ask your parents how they felt and write what they say.

Use Book Goo to read Europeans Arrive.

Open up the Christopher Columbus Data Set.

Copy and paste the categories in an email that you each will send to your Posterous site.

Then, with your partner, write a one sentence summary for each category. Once you have four sentences (one for each category) go find a picture for each of the four sentences. You will then write your sentence next to each picture, use Daft Doggy Voice Recording speak your sentence into the microphone and then put it on your Posterous site.

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